Game Play Feature - Commodity Transfer
Brass Shield will always be free to play.

But, just like many other games that are free to play, Brass Shield will have at least one game commodity, perhaps 'Precious Stones'.

Players will be able to aquire Precious Stones within the game by completing tasks.
In addition, Precious Stones will be available for purchase via a real world credit card transaction.

Most games with this model do not allow the transfer, or gifting, of the game commodity between players, but some do.

Brass Shield will allow one or more game commodities to be transferred or gifted between players.

However, there will be restrictions.
  • A single player will only be able to gift the game commodity to another player once within a given time period.
  • A player may only receive a commodity gift thrice within a given time period.
  • A player may not gift the game commodity that the player received as a gift.
  • A player may only gift the game commodity to players where an alliance or treaty exists.
          The Alliance or Treaty must exist for for a period of time before a commodity transfer is allowed.

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