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Brass Shield : Survive to the End

Build, Colonize, Battle,
Convert and Survive!
  • Lands
  • Cities
  • Buildings

Game Play

There will be many Lands in the game. You will be required to travel from one land to another and based on decisions you make within the game you may discover more lands.

The story of Brass Shield will introduce you to many cities. You may choose to become part of an existing cities population or to begin your own city.

You will need to be a builder of buildings. Based on the buildings you select to build your people can be specialized in many possible directions.

Choose Your Allegiance
Opposing forces will dominate Brass Shield. As you progress in the Brass Shield story you will be forced to Choose Your Allegiance, perhaps many times. As you make your allegiance choices you will discover units that are unique to your selection.

If you have played other games, you have discovered how to survive in games where the stats are constant. If a unit of a certain level has certain attributes at the beginning of the game, a similiar unit will have the same attributes later in the game.

At least that is how it usually works!!!

Not so in Brass Shield.
As the Brass Shield story line moves forward you will discover that your units attributes change based on the story line. When the story line describes one faction beating the other in battle, that faction will see increased benefits. The story line involves many factions and each of them having highs and lows in battle.

It is not just about fighting, it is also about when to fight!
Or if you should fight at all!

Some New Game Twists

As major characters appear in the Brass Shield story, many will become heroes in the game.
A hero will align themselves with a player camp each day. If a hero is in your camp then your people will benefit from his/her presence.

Heroes can offer the following specializations; Military Leaders, Political Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, Builders, Teachers, Robbers and Bandits.

Units created in Brass Shield will have a life span.
In many games when a unit is created it will exist until it dies in battle, in Brass Shield your units will die of old age if they do not die in battle first.

A units age will effect what they can do and how well they do it.
---- A house that is focused on aquiring food will cause that people under 16 years old will be gatherers and when they age they will become hunters or farmers.

Battles will be effected by the age of the warriors.
---- All other factors being equal, a battle of 30 archers against 30 archers will be effected by the archers age. 30 archers ages 20-30 will fight stronger while 30 archers ages 40-50 will fight smarter.

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