As you progress through the Brass Shield story line you will discover artifacts that have importance.
Once an artifact is introduced it will likely remain through to the end of the game.

Some artifacts will be plentiful and every player will have one - once they discover it.

Others will be more elusive - there will only be one of them and each day the artifact may change hands. The artifact will identify a group of players that it desires to be with and then one player of the group will be randomly selected as its owner for the day.

  • Be the possesor of an ancient record and your people will benefit from increased knowledge.

  • Find powerful stones and your spiritual leaders will have greater influence on your people and your enemies.
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  • Be the holder of weapons passed down from generation to generation and your warriors will be infused with great strength and resolve.

  • If you watch the compass closely it will not only provide a direction for travel, but could also guide you to hidden resources and treasures.
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  • Learn of ancient civilizations and if you wish - you could choose to follow their ways and benefit from their ancestors.